We have options to help you where you are.

MOHELA offers you a variety of options to manage the repayment of your loans including repayment plans and ways to lower or postpone your payments. We understand that some borrowers want to pay off their loan as quickly as possible, and we encourage those borrowers to make extra payments. (It’s easy through your online account!) Those same borrowers could encounter a time when they become unemployed or ill and they need to lower or temporarily postpone their payments.

As your dedicated resource expert we will ensure you have an accurate understanding of your account so you can successfully repay your loans.

Repayment Options

A variety of repayment plans are available to meet your needs, including plans based on your income and family size.

Income-Driven Repayment Plans

Income-driven repayment plans may offer lower payments because they are based on your income and family size. Payments can be as low as $0 per month, depending on your circumstances.

Repayment Options to Lower or Postpone Payments

If you need a lower monthly payment or need to temporarily postpone your payments, learn more about options that might work for you.