Borrower Correspondence

  • Here are some sample documents you may receive from us or other entities regarding your student loan. If you have additional questions, please contact us for assistance.
  • Repayment Obligation
  • Your Repayment Obligation will be sent approximately 90 days prior to entering repayment on your loan. Details include your payment start date, monthly payment amount, projected amount of interest, principal balance, and repayment plan.

  • Understanding Your Bill

  • These samples provide an overview of the information that will appear on your bill, so you will know exactly what your payment amount is.

  • Monthly Install Bill Sample
    You owe payments for principal and interest. A payment is required. Monthly bills are set approximately 20-25 days prior to your payment due date.*
  • How to Read Your Bill
    An overview of how to read your bill, including definitions and other pertinent information, to help your understanding of communications related to your student loan(s).
  • Interest Bill Sample
    Pay the outstanding interest amount to avoid interest capitalization. Interest bills are sent 30 days prior to borrower entering repayment.
  • Interest Notice Sample
    No action is needed, but the outstanding interest will capitalize if not paid.

* Signed up for Auto Debit? If so, you may not receive a monthly bill.