Payment Information

How Payments Are Applied

  • Payments are applied first toward any outstanding fees (not applicable for Direct Loans), then outstanding accrued interest and the remainder to the principal balance. Payments received under the Income-Based Repayment Plan will be applied first to interest, then any outstanding fees (not applicable for Direct Loans), and the remainder to the principal balance.

  • Past due amounts are satisfied first, followed by current due amounts. Payments are distributed proportionally across all loans unless you request otherwise.

  • Interest accrues daily based on your outstanding balance and the number of days between payments.

  • Note that the portions of a consolidation loan (unsubsidized or subsidized) must stay evenly paid – one portion may not be more paid ahead or more past due than the other portion. To target payments to one portion of a consolidation loan, use the Submitting Special Payment Instructions below.

How Payments ared Applied

You may return all or part of your loan to us. Within 120 days of the date your school disbursed your loan money (by crediting the loan money to your account at the school, by paying it directly to you, or both), you may cancel all or part of your loan by returning all or part of the loan money to us. In some cases, payments made within 120 days of the date of disbursement may automatically be applied as a cancellation. Please contact uscontact us for guidance on how and where to return your loan money.

You do not have to pay interest or the loan fee on the part of your loan that is cancelled or returned within the timeframes described above. We will adjust your loan amount to eliminate any interest and loan fee that applies to the amount of the loan that is cancelled or returned. Please note, this excludes consolidation loans.

The payment(s) will be effective the same date your loan was disbursed. When you view your Payment HistoryPayment History, the cancellation payment will display effective the date of the loan’s disbursement.

Payment Application

Paying Ahead

Paying Ahead means that your current payment has been satisfied and you have paid at least a portion of your future bill

There is no maximum limit to the amount you can pay each month. Paying your account ahead of schedule offers many benefits such as:

  • Decreasing your total interest cost

  • Paying your loan off sooner

  • No prepayment penalties

Each time you satisfy a bill due, we will automatically advance your next payment due date and your billing statement will indicate a payment is not required for that bill. You may still continue to make payments to decrease your total interest cost and pay your loan off sooner. You have the option to select if you want your due date to be advanced on your loans. To request that all payments made over your monthly payment amount be applied to your current bill and not advance your due date, please see Submitting Special Payment Instructions.

For borrowers working toward Public Service Loan Forgiveness, please note that additional payments may not apply. For borrowers on an income-driven repayment (IDR) plan you may pay ahead, however your due date cannot be advanced beyond your annual income-driven repayment (IDR) anniversary date and the required number of monthly payments must be made to be eligible for forgiveness. Borrowers with $0 payments on an IDR Plan cannot pay ahead to advance their due date.

Auto Debit

Please keep in mind your Auto Debit will continue to withdraw your regular amount due each month plus any additional recurring amount you have requested. This occurs even if:

  • Your monthly payment amount changes

  • You made a payment since your last due date

  • You made additional payments and are in a “paid ahead” status

You may set up or make changes to the additional recurring amount you want withdrawn using Auto Debit, and whether you want it to pay your account ahead. Login, click Auto Debit and complete the steps to modify your Auto Debit enrollment.

To target the additional recurring amount submit your request via:

  • Secure Message or Mail – Include specific instructions on how you want ongoing payments applied. Include the amount, disbursement date, loan type and indicate this is a standing payment instruction. Send instructions to:

    633 Spirit Drive
    Chesterfield, MO 63005-1243

Payments less than the required monthly installment amount are applied using the Standard Payment Application. If you submit special payment instructions and select a payment amount that does not satisfy the total amount due, your account may become delinquent. We may report information about your account to consumer reporting agencies. Late payments, missed payments or defaults on your account may be reflected on your credit report.


To request special payment instructions when making an additional or partial payment, submit your request via:

  • Web – Log into to make and target your payments to be applied to a specific loan or set of loans.

  • Phone – Contact customer service at 888.866.4352.

  • Secure Message or Mail – Provide instructions for how to apply the payment. Include the amount, disbursement date, loan type and indicate this is a “one-time payment instruction”. Submit your recurring request via fax (866.222.7060) or mail to:

    633 Spirit Drive
    Chesterfield, MO 63005-1243

To never pay loan(s) ahead when you make additional payments greater than the total amount due (See “Additional Payments & Paying Ahead”), or to provide instructions for how all ongoing payments should be applied, provide instructions for how to apply additional payment.

  • Include the Amount, Disbursement Date, Loan Type and indicate this is a “Standing Payment Instruction”

  • Submit this recurring request via fax (866.222.7060)

  • Secure Message or Mail To:

    633 Spirit Drive
    Chesterfield, MO 63005-1243